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Is the bouquet ready or do I still have to assemble the flowers myself?

The bouquets are tied by hand and are therefore ready to be put in the vase. You can detach the handmade bouquets to make them fall a little wider. Up to you.

Can I put water in the vase?

You can put water in the vase if you use a clear glass vase to give the idea of fresh flowers. This water turns green and must therefore be replaced every week. The metal of the branches can also discolour over time and leave marks on the glass.

Can I change the length of the bouquet myself?

The bouquets are cut as standard for a vase height of 35cm. If you order a vase from us, the height will be adjusted to the vase.

If you choose your own vase, you can indicate in the comments to the order how high this vase is and which opening at the top. It can be difficult to shorten the branches with your own pliers, which is why we prefer to do it for you immediately so that you can enjoy instant pleasure without the hassle.

What’s the size of the bouquets?

Depends on the composition but they are at least 1m high and at least 70cm wide

You can bend the branches yourself (not all of them!) to determine the width and also adjust the direction of the flowers and green to your preference.