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Asparagus, Eucalyptus, Chrysant, Dille


Warm winters rood met een donkere eucalyptus, vuurrode dilletakken en de prachtige rode chrysanten.

Om je warme winter huis helemaal op te fleuren.

Aantal takken:

Medium 9 takken/Large 13 takken

Boeket met vaas
Elk boeket is standaard verkrijgbaar met onze Vaas helder ECO glas. Natuurlijk kan je ook een andere vaas kiezen. Hieronder geven we je alvast enkele suggesties.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Google reviews

An Rotthier
An Rotthier
19:30 23 Jun 21
Very happy with the beautiful flowers. They make my home cozier and brighten up my interior. Thank you for the... fantastic service and fast delivery.read more
Véronique A. Smans
Véronique A. Smans
08:10 04 Feb 21
Hi Stephanie, thank you for the super fast delivery and for answering all my questions. The flowers are fantastic and... they make me happy every day!read more
Norbert Smans
Norbert Smans
19:37 01 Feb 21
The flowers, with their natural colors and shape, give a soothing feeling to your living space.I couldn't miss them... anymore.Next season I'm going for a new addition.And I only pay once for my flowers.read more
Frank Van Grieken
Frank Van Grieken
15:35 31 Jan 21
At our company, someone always had to take care of the flowers. Often that went wrong and there were no flowers or a... bouquet that had withered. Now with the simple seasonal formula, the flowers and bouquets look SUPER beautifulread more
Lieve Sleebus
Lieve Sleebus
14:38 31 Jan 21
Super happy with this beautiful bouquet!Look like real flowers.Enjoy withered flowers and water every day without... hassle.read more
Katlijne Ruysschaert
Katlijne Ruysschaert
10:56 31 Jan 21
Very happy with my super beautiful bouquet from De Liefste! Always beautiful flowers in my pharmacy that I don't have... to do anything about! Blissful, right?read more
Wim Geukens
Wim Geukens
20:55 09 Jul 20
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